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Tanker Reception / Management (WaSP)

JRP's market leading family of 'WaSP' products and associated data management services are designed to provide organisations with a versatile solution for control, visualisation, and management of road tanker reception/export facilities particularly within the areas of liquid wastewater, sludge management, and sludge cake export. Our solutions are continually developing to meet the needs of ever-increasing legislation, environmental reporting and regulatory compliance requirements.

Combining complete preventative and reactive maintenance support services as well as technical instrumentation calibration services, minimising any downtime and ensuring operational availability, JRP can provide the complete solution for managing tankering operations.


 Typical applications include: -

  • Domestic / Cess / Septic Waste Tanker discharge monitoring

  • Sludge / Biosolids Interworks Tankering

  • Sludge Cake Weighbridge monitoring

  • Industrial Trade Waste monitoring

  • Leachate Import / Export monitoring

  • Potable Water Tanker Filling Stations

  • Bulk Liquid Storage Tank Farms

Tanker Reception


The 'WaSP' solution can be deployed as a standalone single bay or multi bay facilities complete with gatehouse authorisation control and process instrumentation monitoring options providing the complete infrastructure for managing and controlling large simultaneous discharge operations efficiently. We also supply weighbridge loggers for integration with new or existing facilities for weight based transaction monitoring and control.


WaSP Tanker Management Solution


We can integrate 'WaSP' into an existing reception facility or design solutions as part of a new build project. The versatile integration options allow the use of industry standard instrumentation for process monitoring parameters such as pH, Temperature, Suspended Solids and Flow as well as pre-sampling and auto-sampling solutions. Communications can be via GSM, GPRS, Ethernet or Profibus protocols as well as hard wired signals for local controls / SCADA monitoring / process interlocks, etc.


WaSP Login


Additional WaSP variants include:

  • WaSP Vm - (Vehicle Mounted) On-Board Tanker system
  • WaSP CFD - (Controlled Flow Discharge) - Used for high strength Trade waste tank bleed applications.
  • WaSP GCS - (Gate Access System) Site Access Control & Management




Please contact our sales team at to find out more about how JRP can help your organisation with efficient, reliable, and cost effective monitoring and control using the market leading 'WaSP' family of solutions.




WaSP Web Portal & Additional Applications

The JRP 'WaSP' portal software is a web-based solution designed to provide increased visibility and data reporting functionality for all 'WaSP' transaction data captured from site.

An overview of the elements of the WaSP solutions

The software can be deployed locally on the client's own infrastructure or hosted remotely by JRP using our professional hosting packages providing secure web-based 24/7 access to data with any web browser.

As well as an extensive interactive Web Portal, the product concept has developed greatly over the years with a vast variety of bespoke software applications to provide control and management of site assets. Our systems form an integral part of the wider control and monitoring solutions for waste management and performance monitoring for assets on site. Many clients have developed API’s specifically for communications with various 'WaSP' products enabling secure data transfer into corporate data lakes and systems dashboards for higher level reporting.

In addtion to standard web based transactional data reporting, JRP has developed a suite of addtional tools to manage, monitor and improve these operations. Some of the bespoke additional features are listed below: -

  • Sludge Dashboard for Asset Management
  • Tanker Scheduling / Planning
  • User Management and Control
  • Regulatory Compliance reporting
  • Online Commercial Billing Applications
  • Delivery Pre-Booking & Pre-Payment
  • Auto Sampling Control
  • Tank Monitoring Interface
  • Web Camera Interface
  • Trade Waste Database & CRM
  • Automated Waste Transfers Note (in line with Environment Agency edoc)


Maintenance & Support
A flow meter attached to an installation

We offer a comprehensive support package for all our 'WaSP' products tailored specifically for individual client needs: -

  • MEICA Maintenance & Support
  • Remote status monitoring and pro-active maintenance
  • Instrument calibration / verification services
  • User card / key fob management
  • Remote data upload services
  • Web based data hosting service
  • Pre-formatted reporting
  • Integration into existing corporate systems

Whether taking complete ownership and responsibility or working with client personnel in a team environment, JRP will deliver a first-class maintenance solution to ensure maximum facility performance and increased asset life for your investment.

International Projects

Being the market leader within the UK marketplace has translated to overseas opportunities for our 'WaSP' family of products. To date, we have been working within the following countries and continue to look for opportunties to work with partners across the globe.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE

Please feel free to contact our sales team at to establish contact for your region. We are actively looking for partners to assist in developing our export markets. Pease see the below video demonstrating WaSP Tanker Reception solutions operating in Australia. 

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