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Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Solutions to Industry

JR Pridham Services Ltd (JRP) has been providing specialist MEICA-related services to a broad range of industries since 1987
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Solutions to Industry

JR Pridham Services Ltd (JRP) has been providing specialist MEICA-related services since 1987. Our expert knowledge and wide industry experience, coupled with an excellent Health & Safety record, enable us to provide cost-effective, quality solutions and services to a broad range of industries.

Whether working as a part of a team in an alliance partnership, within a Framework Agreement or directly engaged by the end user, our clients can be assured that the greatest care and attention to detail will ensure costs are kept to a minimum, workmanship and quality standards are upheld, and delivery to agreed timescales is achieved.

JRP act as Principal Designer & Principal Contractor under CDM 2015 and have robust policies and procedures in place to manage a project safely from design through to construction, commissioning and takeover. 

At JRP, we ensure that the people we employ promote the values we encourage to allow us to: -

  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Support and empower our people
  • Achieve success through innovation
  • Act with integrity
  • Work collaboratively

The environment we live and work in is important to us. We are taking sustainability seriously and are on our journey to Carbon Neutrality. Please visit our Environment & Sustainability area for more information.

Please note any specific 'WaSP' support/maintenance-related enquiries should be sent to

Solutions Focus

Water & Wastewater Utilities
MEICA engineering services for water and wastewater utilities from JRP
MEICA engineering services for the wastewater utilities market.

JRP has been providing MEICA engineering services to the water and wastewater utilities market for over 30 years and has developed a wealth of expertise in design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance activities.

We hold a number of Framework Agreements in various disciplines and have developed a strong reputation for delivering quality, cost effective engineering solutions within this sector.

Whether on one off projects or large multi-site roll outs, we can support projects across the UK. JRP has the necessary resource to take on both simple and complex schemes, whilst maintaing a flexibile and agile approach.

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Energy Utilities
Communications and monitoring services for the energy utilities market
Communications and monitoring services

JRP has been providing services to the Energy utilities market for many years mainly providing communications and remote monitoring services.

We supply design, installation, commissioning and maintenance / upgrade services working within some of the most innovative communications technologies being deployed across the sectors infrastructure.

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Tanker Reception/Management (WaSP)
WaSP monitoring and control products, software and data management from JRP Services Reading, Berkshire
WaSP monitoring and control products

JRP’s market-leading WaSP family of monitoring and control products, software and associated data management services are designed to provide organisations with a versatile solution for control, visualisation and management of road tanker reception/export facilities.

With unrivalled features for both regulatory and non-regulatory business the WaSP solution has an impressive portfolio of clients with associated servicing and maintenance support agreements tailored to specifc client needs.

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Process Monitoring (WaSP)
Wastewater management and WaSP processes from JRP Services Reading, Berkshire
Wastewater management and WaSP

JRP provide solutions for optimising operational processes for many types of wastewater application such as: -

  • Automatic Decant - Control decant valve operation based on optimal solids / flow parameters
  • Automatic Desludge - Control desludge pump operation based on optimal solids / flow parameters
  • Digested Performance Monitoring - Capture digester flows, solids and temperature readings
  • Chemical Dosing - Optimise and control the dosing process for a particular application
  • Belt Press Thickening Lines - Monitor the thickening / dewatering process and improve efficiency
  • Sludge Tank Export - Monitor & control liquid sludge export process to road tankers

Our solutions help visualise, monitor and control multiple complex processes and can be adapted to suit most industrial applications.

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Electrical & mechanical engineering from JRP JR Pridham Services Lts Reading, Berkshire
Electrical & mechanical engineering 

JRP provide Electrical & Systems Integration design, installation and support services for various manufacturing sectors. Whether installating a new facility, upgarding an existing installation or modifying a section of manufactiring or process plant, JRP can provide the necessary resources to assist, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum and the facility is back in operation as quickly as possible.

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Core Competencies

Our solutions focus is underpinned by our core competencies: -

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
Electrical & mechanical engineering from JRP JR Pridham Services Lts Reading, Berkshire
Principal Contractor and Designers

We are experienced at operating as Principal Contractor and Designers under CDM 2015 and can undertake complete packages of works managing sub-contractors as may be required.


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Systems Integration
Systems integration testing from JRP JR Pridham Services Ltd, Reading Berkshire
Control panel systems integration

JRP provides in-house design, software coding, installation, and commissioning services for PLC / PC-based control and automation systems for industrial applications.


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Telemetry Integration
Telemetry integration from JRP Services Reading, berkshire
Telemetry integration

We provide solutions to multiple sectors using a variety of communications protocols to include GSM, GPS, GPRS, Satellite, Radio, WiFi, and conventional PSTN and older Private Wire systems.


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Instrumentation & Control
Instrumental control installation services from JRP Services Reading, Berkshire
Instrumental control installation

JRP provides in-house design and installation services for the complete Instrumentation design, installation, calibration, and maintenance requirement together with complimentary Mechanical, Electrical, and Control and Automation services.


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