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'WaSP' Tanker Reception Solutions

JRP's market leading family of 'WaSP' Logger products, software and associated data management services are designed to provide organisations with a versatile solution for control, visualisation and management of road tanker reception / export facilities particularly within the areas of liquid wastewater, sludge management and sludge cake export. Our solutions are continually developing to meet the needs of ever increasing legislation, environmental reporting and regulatory compliance requirements.

JRP can provide standard solutions or bespoke designs for individual client requirements including: -

  • Single / Multi-bay volumetric facilities                                                        
  • Gatehouse monitoring
  • Pre-paid credit options
  • Origin site recognition options
  • Remote monitoring & audit
  • Enhanced web based reporting
  • Weighbridge control & monitoring
  • Pre-sampling to accept or reject loads
  • Commercial billing / invoicing
  • Integration with GPS vehicle tracking
  • Manage user access & control
  • Integration with local SCADA

Typical applications include: -

  • Domestic / Cess / Septic Waste Tanker discharge monitoring
  • Sludge / Biosolids Interworks Tankering
  • Sludge Cake Weighbridge monitoring
  • Industrial Trade Waste monitoring
  • Leachate Import / Export monitoring
  • Potable Water Tanker Filling Stations
  • Bulk Liquid Storage Tank Farms

Go to our Products page to see the individual hardware and software options available and download our Brochure for more details.

Click here to see a video of 'WaSP' in action in Australia.

Overview - The 'WaSP' solution can be deployed as standalone single bay or multi bay facilities complete with gatehouse authorisation control and process instrumentation monitoring options providing the complete infrastructure for managing and controlling large simultaneous discharge operations efficiently. We also supply weighbridge loggers for integration with new or existing facilities for weight based transaction monitoring and control.

We can integrate into an existing reception facility or design solutions as part of a new build project. The versatile integration options allow the use of industry standard instrumentation for process monitoring parameters such as pH, Temperature, Suspended Solids and Flow as well as pre-sampling and auto-sampling solutions. Communications can be via GSM, GPRS, Ethernet or Profibus protocols as well as hard wired signals for local controls / process interlocks, etc.

Our WaSP products are supported throughout their asset life with complete maintenance and support solutions incorporating transaction data mangement, planned maintenance schedules and emergency responsive site services to ensure maximum efficiency levels are maintained.

Please see our Maintenance & Support pages for further detail on packages offered.