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IChemE awards nomination - in collaboration with Anatune / Affinity Water

We are proud to announce that we have been nominated as partners with Anatune and Affinity Water for this years IChemE 'excellence in engineering awards' for our collaborative contribution on the ‘game changing’ project to monitor pesticides 24/7 online within water treatment sites conducted earlier this year.

Having the ability to constantly monitor a water source(s) for pesticides throughout the water treatment process and determine if the results are within or exceed parameters can drastically reduce the chance of those pesticides causing harm to the potable water supply.

At the moment, the usual way to monitor pesticides is to take daily samples manually and send them to a laboratory for analysis. The lag time between sampling and obtaining the result is often too long, and water treatment decisions can’t be made accurately.

Put simply, certain treatment is only necessary when pesticide levels exceed a trigger value, and currently treatment is being inefficiently used when levels of pesticides are low.

The actual concept of online monitoring on water treatment works is not new, but this has been previously restricted to simple determinants and some basic instrumentation which has questionable comparisons against laboratory results.

JRP teamed up with measurement specialists Anatune to deliver a collaborative solution with Affinity Water where these issues have been fully addressed. The solution was to use the same equipment (high-end Mass Spectrometer) that is in operation in the laboratory, running 24/7, on site, which has never been done anywhere before.

This presented several challenges with respect to making the installation robust enough to cater for making the high end laboratory equipment fit for purpose operating in an industrial environment on a water treatment site.

JRP completed all elements of the infrastructure and commissioning works including full MEICA, Civils and Systems Integration elements of the project and due to the success of the results obtained Affinity Water has recommended several other installations at their sites for 2017.